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Optimizing Precoat Filtration by using Natural Cellulose based Filter Aids

Dr. Eberhard Gerdes, Head of JRS Business Unit Filtration

Registration Fee: Individual: 25 US$
Group (5 Pax): 100 US$
Language: English
Time Length: ~60 Min
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Description: Filter aids for precoat filtration can be produced from a wide variety of raw materials. But important criteria are always consistent product quality, sufficient separation efficiency, high retention capability, high flow rate, problem-free handling, environmentally friendly disposal as well as physiological safety. Choosing the best filter aid for a specific separation process can only be done after careful consideration of all relevant process parameters. This is never a one-time decision, since the best technical solution for each process can only be realized after continuous procedure optimization. Thus, established procedures as well as filter aids must be continuously and critically scrutinized in order to meet with the growing demands in terms of efficiency and ecology. Natural precoat filter aids based on Cellulose have proven to be efficient, cost-saving and environmentally-friendly alternatives to mineral products. This webinar will introduce those natural precoat filter aids as well as their use within various applications. Practical examples from different industries will highlight advantages and benefits to be realized, aspects taken into account when selecting suitable grades, and even potential pitfalls to be considered when switching operations towards Cellulose.