Rubber, Latex & Tyre

July 2021

Understand the Filling and Curing Behavior of Rubber Material to Optimize Cycle Time
Date: 15 July 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 4.00 pm (Thailand) , ~60 Min

Devadass Vimalanand, MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore

Language: English
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Description: Design of Experiment (DoE) is used vastly in various stages of injection molding manufacturing method to optimize the mold design, selection of material, molding process, etc. DoE is an effective tool, but it is an expansive tool. It takes lots of time and money to test it practically. Instead of testing the numerous possible combinations of variables in practical way, a virtual DoE will be used in simulation to find out the influencing factors. In this presentation, to obtain good filling behavior and less filling pressure in a door sealing rubber part, a full factorial DoE is used to optimize and select a proper gating position. Figure1 shows the final design which focusses on a balanced filling of the part. Furthermore, we also discuss about optimizing the cycle time. Simulation approaches to find the perfect balance of short cycle times and material degradation in a rubber part are discussed in detail. Therefore the basics of rubber curing reactions are explained. With the help of a virtual DoE (Design of Experiment) the optimization of the curing time will be presented. Figure2 shows the dependence of the curing degree on the rubber material temperature during the injection molding process. This presentation will help to understand the capabilities of new simulation approaches in SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding to optimize the runner systems and cycle time without affecting the quality of the rubber part.